KRONA NeoClassic

Which kitchen hood to choose for a traditional classic kitchen set? Tradition is tradition. Its image is strict and contains timeless elements, such as solid wood, rich finish, color solution. Consequently, such a kitchen needs a classical hood of fireplace type, with wooden molding that matches the tone of your kitchen. But it is often quite problematic to find the right shade of wood or find the right shape of molding. Maybe, the dome-like one would solve the problem? However, stainless steel and hard forms are rarely combined with warm wood. So what to do?

KRONAsteel proposes a new trend in kitchen hoods, NeoClassic! Modern classical style is a combination of the use of natural materials in decor (wood, stone, metal), traditional for classical style, with clear classical forms, grace and noble lines.

Neo-classical style is revealed in elements. Comfortable buttons for electronic kitchen hood management are made in the same color and finish as the hood case, masking them in classical shapes and colors of the kitchen hood.

NeoClassic models by KRONA are made in the structural colors that combine with traditional wooden kitchen sets: copper, bronze, golden, black, etc. The models do not contain wooden elements and so are universal for kitchen sets made of any kind of wood.

Special attention in neoclassic kitchen hoods is paid to lighting. Thanks to the system for halogen lights brightness control Light Control you can always add comfort to your kitchen and create an unforgettable romantic mood.

The classical trend in design is eternal, and new fresh motives will make it appeal to the people who appreciate stability, reliability and appeasement in their dwelling.

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