Glossary of terms

Anti-return valve - prevents the penetration of foreign odors, sounds and insects from the ventilation shaft to the kitchen, when the hood is turned off, which is achieved by a system of movable flaps at the base of the duct.

Button control is represented by buttons of various types. When the button is pressed , actevated the corresponding function .

Coal filter - additionally used in extracts when working in the air circulation mode. With the help of activated carbon, this filter removes odors from the air and other contaminants remaining after the grease filter and eliminates air from odors and small particles. The carbon filter must be replaced periodically.

Electronic control - is a button - pseudo-sensors. Each function is activated and deactivated by lightly pressing the button. In this case, the buttons do not change their position (they are not heated), issuing a silent click. Electronic control, as a rule, has LED indicators or a light board.

Energy efficiency class - an indicator characterizing the basic consumer properties of the goods. Energy efficiency is indicated by classes - from A to G. Class A has the lowest energy consumption, G is least effective. The label also provides other useful information to the customer, helping to choose between different models.

Exhaust air cleaners (extractors) - an important unit of household appliances, designed to purify the air of combustion products, unpleasant odors, fumes and other elements released during cooking. At present, manufacturers produce different types of hoods, differing both in terms of constructive feature, installation method, and the principle of operation.

Fat (grease) filter - is part of any extract and captures from the polluted air particles of fat. Grease filters can be metal (aluminum), need to periodic cleaning, or synthetic disposable, need to periodic replacement, depending on the saturation indicator of the filter.

Halogen lighting - lighting with halogen lamps. Their difference from conventional incandescent lamps is illuminate a larger area with a brighter light with a smaller size and power consumption.

Perimetral flow - fat aluminum filters are hidden behind decorative panels, so that smoke and steam from the hob are sucked through narrow openings along the perimeter of the panel. This solution allows you to increase the productivity of the hood, and reduce the load on the motor and noise, maintaining the elegance and style of the hood.

Slider control - is a slider mechanical switch. As a rule, it is located in the base of the hood under the dome.

Timer of automatic shutdown - Most KRONA hoods with electronic control are equipped with an automatic shutoff timer. By activating the "timer" function, you will automatically turn off the hood after a certain time. Depending on the hood model, you can turn on the timer by holding down one of the shift buttons for a few seconds or by pressing a special button. The flashing LED confirms that the "timer" function is activated and the hood will shut off automatically. Repeatedly holding the button with a flashing LED will turn off the timer.

Touch control is a kind of electronic control that is carried out using a touchpad that responds to touch.