Technology and innovation

Perimetral suction


The flow of the sucked air is distributed from the central zone of the kitchen hood to the external perimeter. Thus, the load on the engine is reduced. The advantage of this function is reduced consumption of electricity and noise.

Automatic start of Intellect Start hood

Intellect Start.jpg

Intellect Start is a new technology by KRONAsteel.

What do you need it for?

Thanks to the Intellect Start system, the kitchen hood works independently, responding to the intensity of cooking food on the stove and purifying the air autonomously.

How does it work?

Intellect Start system analyzes and memorizes the air composition under the hood. If the air composition changes, the kitchen hood switches on. The kitchen hood will select the necessary speed for optimal air purification, depending on intensity of evaporations, and switch off automatically upon termination of work.

SMART series models are equipped with a sensor that analyzes the content of evaporations and gas in the air. Upon switching on of the Intellect Start system (by pressing the “Auto” button), the sensor analyzes the air condition in the premises for a minute and takes it as a basis. At this time, the blinking “Auto” sign will appear on the screen.

In a minute, the sign will stop blinking, and the kitchen hood will start working autonomously. If the sensor records excess content of evaporations in the air, the system will automatically switch on the kitchen hood and will increase the speed of air purification in proportion to the intensity of evaporations.

As soon as the air is purified, the kitchen hood will start reducing the speed until complete switching off.

9 stages of sensitivity to the vapor

Intellect Start system has 9 sensitivity degrees. With the minimum sensitivity level (1), the kitchen hood will ignore insignificant quantities of vapor or smoke in the air. With the maximum degree (9), the system will switch on the kitchen hood upon detection of minor changes in the composition of the air.

The manufacturer plant set the optimal 5th level of sensor sensitivity.

To regulate the level of sensor sensitivity, press the “Auto” button for 6 seconds. The display will show the figure of the established level, and then you can press the “Auto” button and set the desired level of sensor sensitivity.

To switch off the automatic mode of the kitchen hood functioning, press the “Auto” button or switch the speed manually.

To save electricity, autonomous work of Intellect Start kitchen hood without stopping is possible for one hour. Upon expiration of this term, the kitchen hood will switch off automatically.

3 advantages of Light Control system

Light Control.jpg
  1. When lighting is switched on, halogen lamps are lit gradually. Thanks to this, the service life of lights increases by almost 2.7 times.

  2. By pressing the light button, you can regulate brightness by choosing the optimal comfortable level of lighting the working surface. The kitchen hood memorizes the level set and reproduces it during subsequent activations. To recover maximum brightness, press the light button twice.

  3. The Light Control system has the function of lighting automatic switch-off after 1 hour of continuous work of halogen lamps. This function will help to rationally use electricity without spending extra kilowatts.

Silent soundproofing system


The advantages of impeccably quiet Kronasteel kitchen hoods with Silent technology.

KRONAsteel does not stop on what has been achieved and constantly improves its technologies related to ensuring coziness and comfort in your kitchen. Thanks to the use of innovative ideas in the design of new motors and a unique noise and vibration isolation system, we managed to reduce the noise level to the minimum.

Now KRONAsteel kitchen hoods are not only smart and powerful but also IMPECCABLY QUIET! 

Enjoy silence and clean air in your kitchen! 

Attention! Our kitchen hood works so quietly that you may forget to switch it off.

  • 32 dB is the noise level at first speed
  • 38 dB at the second speed
  • 42 dB at the third speed

Remote control


The peculiarity of some models of KRONA kitchen hoods is availability of a remote control.

During cooking, you may use the remote control to manage the kitchen hood remotely, without staining it.

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