MONIKA kitchen hood – perfect technologies for your kitchen

Your kitchen may be executed in the classic or modern style, and the novelty will ideally suit any interior. The kitchen hood will take care of the cleanliness in your kitchen so well that the time spent in it is bound to become one of the most pleasant pastimes for all family members.

Choice for your kitchen

In the range of KRONAsteel kitchen hoods, the novelty is designed for 60 and 90 cm cabinets. You can see the exact dimensions for kitchen hood integration on the scheme drawing.

  • SMART Control system
  • PERIMETRAL suction of air

Parts that emphasize style and grace

Technical peculiarities

PERIMETRAL SUCTION is the technology of air suction by kitchen hood perimeter, which loads the motor more uniformly and makes functioning of the kitchen hood more quiet and productive.

Intellect Start is an automatic system which analyzes and memorizes air composition in the premises. If the air composition changes, evaporations and smells appear, and the kitchen hood automatically switches on. The smart kitchen hood system will select the necessary speed for optimal air purification, depending on intensity of evaporations. After the air in your kitchen has become ideal, the kitchen hood will automatically switch to the standby mode.

PERFORMANCE of MONIKA kitchen hood - up to 1,000 m³! This capacity will make it possible to ensure optimal air purity in the kitchen area of up to 21 m².

Easy choice of an ideal work mode – press button control.




Switching off the lighting.


Switching on the lighting.


Reduction of motor speed to zero.


Switching the engine on and increasing speed to the maximum one.


Switching the sensor on/off/ (AUTOMATIC or MANUAL mode).



  • shows the current speed;
  • displays the automatic mode with letter "А".

Clean air in the kitchen is the guarantee of healthy atmosphere in the house

We wish you all the cleanest air and good atmosphere in your kitchen!

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